Quick Look at the “Amazon Lost Gold” Slots!

Search results for “Amazon” typically go to Jeff Bezos’s enormous online store rather than the Amazon rainforest, which is sometimes called “the lungs of the earth.” Where does this leave our species from here? Perhaps others who come after us will have more to say about this. Alchemy Gaming, a subsidiary of Game Global, has created yet another online slot game inspired by the Amazon Basin and the continents around it. Amazon Lost Gold builds upon the foundation laid by Aquanauts, but with several significant enhancements.

One of the most obvious distinctions is that instead of exploring submerged caverns, players will be walking around on dry land. Amazon Lost Gold’s graphics are so enticing, it’s simple to see why this part of the earth is a favorite among game designers. When combined in the right proportions, the exoticism of the rainforest, the culture’s vivacity, the artifacts, sculptures, and the overall rich exoticism may be highly seductive. The graphics in Amazon Lost Gold are serviceable and not too harsh on the eyes, thus Alchemy Gaming has succeeded in this regard.

There’s a heat haze effect in the backdrop, but the game grid with its 5 reels, 5 rows, and 3,125 ways to win is very apparent. To win, you need to see matching symbols on two adjacent reels, left to right. The highest Return to Player percentage in Amazon Lost Gold is 96.22 percent. Play Amazon Lost Gold from as little as 30 cents up to £/€42 a spin on any desktop, mobile, or tablet device.

With the Rolling Reel feature, winning combos are wiped out by disappearing symbols and being replaced by new symbols that cascade down from above the reels. If a drop results in a victory, Rolling Reels will continue in this form until no further wins can be made. The game’s pay symbols may be broken down into two groups. The higher-paying animal symbols (frog, toucan, monkey, and panther) are worth 1.33 to 2.67 times the stake, while the carved stone symbols are only worth 0.67 to 0.93 times the wager. Finally, wilds can appear on any reel, substitute for regular pay symbols, and award up to a fivefold payout for an entire reel filled with wilds.

The Lost Gold Slot Machine on Amazon: Features

Amazon Lost Gold’s features include Echo Rolls, free spins, a Bonus Wheel, Upsizer, and a bonus buy.

Tsunami Echo

If the verdict was positive, the Echo Roll might trigger and award even another prize. The same proportions of low, high, and wild symbols make up each winning combination. Free spins in Echo Rolls can be modified so that just wilds appear or no lower-paying symbols appear.

Bonus Wheel Free Spins, Without Risk

Obtaining three scatter symbols will launch the Bonus Wheel and grant you eight free spins. For every scatter in view, the amount of bonus spins will rise by 2. Each scatter payout activates additional free spins for the current round. A spin of the Bonus Wheel before the round begins yields:

4-8 more turns at no further expense.

The multiplier might double or triple.

There are no low-paying symbols or wild symbols in Echo Rolls.

The free spins multiplier increases by one after each Rolling Reel. Until larger increases are obtained from the Bonus Wheel, it increases by +2 or +3.


After each spin of the Bonus Wheel, the player has the option to spend money to further personalize the free spins round. The player is made aware of all charges before making a purchase.

Invest in a Bonus Payment

Players may use the Buy Bonus feature to obtain instant access to the Bonus Wheel and 8 free spins to set the ball rolling for an additional 50x the bet.

Amazon Gold Robbery: The Full Story

Amazon Lost Gold has a passable aesthetic, but it’s not the ideal option if you want to be the first to view anything truly groundbreaking. Slots with Central/South American, Aztec, Inca, Amazon, etc. themes are common, and some of these games may give the impression that the player is venturing into uncharted territory or uncovering historic monuments that have been untouched in the Amazon for generations. The situation is analogous to bringing a significant other on a vacation to a far-flung location with the expectation of snapping some stunning Instagram-worthy images of the two of you, only to arrive and find the spot overrun with other visitors all seeking the same thing.

Whatever the case may be, slot machines set in this part of the world could provide just as much fun as those set in the world’s most visited cities. Amazon: Lost Gold, developed by Alchemy Gaming, is equally well received, albeit it may not be as nerve-wracking as Aquanauts’ sinking ship. Perhaps the much lower maximum victory threatens the potential enthusiasm. Since it was debated if the original 50,000x the wager was genuinely practically attainable or merely a deception to help market the game, Alchemy Gaming has lowered the value of Amazon Lost Gold to 5,000x the bet. There shouldn’t be much of an influence from the more genuinely attainable quantity if you’re not a “big game hunter” who likes to keep an eye on the greatest numbers in slots while playing Amazon Lost Gold.

The rest of the game followed this pattern, with all of the inherent benefits and drawbacks. During free spins, the revolving reels do their thing and occasionally trigger echo rolls to hit the repeat button, all while the multiplier rises. You shouldn’t give in to temptation and buy an Upsizer (which is simply a bag of chocolate-covered everything) without first checking the price. Amazon Lost Gold isn’t the best Central/South American-themed video game, but it does the job for those who want to hack their way through the jungle in pursuit of wealth.

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